Our customer Charley’s Taxi based in Hawaii, has enjoyed utilizing MTData’s taxi dispatch system.

Making Drivers Feel Safer

Charley’s Taxi’s drivers are reporting that their cabs feel a lot safer thanks to an effective dispatch system and taxi cameras.

Our dispatch system offers Charley’s Taxi drivers the ability to engage in two-way messaging with their call center so there is always a constant connection. Operators can also track the driver’s job, so in case of an emergency they know their driver’s exact location.

In addition, the taxi cameras assist the driver where if they feel threatened or suspect anything suspicious they can point and identify the cameras to the passenger, or a person outside the cab.

This extra level of protection has made Charley’s Taxi’s female drivers feel safer and more protected, and has encouraged more female drivers to join the company.

Excellent Customer Service – Returning Lost Wallets

Would you return a lost wallet? Well a Charley’s taxi driver did, and it contained $7000 in cash!

A short time after the Charley’s Taxi driver dropped the passenger at their destination, the driver found a wallet.

Within a very quick period of time, the cab driver handed it back to the Hilton Grand Waikikian to return it to the customer.

The driver returned it with all the money in it!

For more information on our other dispatch solutions, please contact enquiries@mtdata.us.