Sealanes Dispatches Jobs Effectively with MTData

Sealanes, founded in 1922 and located in South Fremantle, Western Australia, specialises in shipping dry and frozen goods such as fresh seafood around WA. Since the 2012 implementation, Sealanes have been operating MTData’s job dispatch system across its fleet of 37 vehicles.

Transport Manager at Sealanes, Mr Philip Lovelock said MTData’s job dispatch system is very effective for his business.

“MTData’s job dispatch system allows us to review the progress of jobs as well as the jobs that have been completed for the day,” Mr Lovelock explained.

“The system is great because we receive live statuses and up-to-date job information, and from that information we can provide our customer with an estimated time of delivery.

“As the jobs come in overnight, the drivers can immediately view their jobs on their MTData in-vehicle screen so that they don’t have to wait too long to begin their day.”

MTData’s in-vehicle screen provides Sealanes drivers with all the information they need to complete a job efficiently. The in-vehicle screen also offers drivers the ability to complete pre-trip questionnaires, connect to Sealanes base via the two-way messaging function and alerting capabilities that are displayed audibly and visually.

Mr Lovelock discussed how the reporting capabilities that the dispatch software provides, assists him with his day-to-day operations as a manager.

“As a company we need to be aware of our vehicles location and performance at all times and the various reports that MTData does for us, helps to manage our operations,” Mr Lovelock said.

“We do tracking of trucks, pre-start checks, two-way messaging, zoning of trucks, speed, locations and it’s a tool to keep us on track.”

Operators at Sealanes are able to view various reports of the vehicles journey including speed, idling, and time spent at a designated waypoint (predefined site). They also have access to live notifications and event based exception reporting.

Mr Lovelock said that his driver’s provide him with positive feedback about MTData’s system.

“MTData’s system is accessible and the drivers have no problem using it, and it allows us to keep connected with our drivers at all times,” he described.

Mr Lovelock stated that MTData’s Hawk-Eye software is “an easy system to use.”

“I’m on Hawk-Eye all the time, to do a lot of my work,” he said.

“I can look at all the data throughout the day until the time when I leave at night.”

  • “We have recommended MTData to other companies in transport because their technology has been effective for us. Our directors are very happy with the system and they can see the many benefits that MTData gives us.”

    Transport Manager at Sealanes, Philip Lovelock


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30 August 2017

The American transport industry is making a change enforcing new technology regulations. The regulatory body, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), has introduced an Electonic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate, which will direct drivers away from logging their Hours Of Service (HOS) via paper logs.

9 February 2017

MTData is proud to announce the purchase of Transport Compliance Services Pty Ltd (TCS).

Certified by Transport Certification Australia (TCA) since 2009, TCS is an Intelligent Access Program (IAP) Service Provider for the Australian transport industry.

13 July 2016